Whey Protein vs Mass Gainer: Which One is Best for You?

If you start to find the difference between whey protein and mass gainer, you will discover that both of them contain a healthy amount of protein in it. Protein powder can provide you 60% to 100%  of essential protein to your body where a mass gainer supplies only 22%-35% of protein. But mass gainer is enriched with more calories than whey protein has. It contains fats and carbohydrates too that improves your calorie intake. Both of them are the most effective health supplements that promote muscle growth, recovery and overall energy to workout for more.   


Whey Protein VS Mass Gainer

Whey protein and mass gainer these health supplements are the most effective products to build energy and stamina. the most common difference is mass gainer has almost 10 times more calories as compared to Whey protein that’s why mass gainers are used for weight gain and Whey protein for lean muscle.

If you are trying to develop your body with a significant amount of muscle mass, then mass gainer can be the ultimate solution for you to get an effective result in a shorter time. On the other hand, if you want lean muscle with controlling the fat percentages of your body, then whey protein can be the best supplement for you. You can also use both of these health supplements simultaneously to gain muscle mass by avoiding extra body fat.


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Appropriate Use of WHEY Protein

It is not a tough job to cut down extra body fat by keeping your muscle mass intact. If you have already built enough muscle mass in your body and want to reduce some extra fat, then it is the perfect time for you to consume whey protein regularly. This protein supplement can prevent your muscle catabolism and keep it intact even after losing your unwanted fat.


Why Workout is an important factor for both of these Supplements? 

There is nothing better than a workout to stay healthy and fit. When you are consuming supplements that is weight gainer or whey protein, then you must focus on your regular exercise properly. Whey protein has a special purpose to recover your muscle tissues and maintain a healthy balance. If you are taking a sufficient amount of whey protein and do not work out, then there is no need to recover your muscle and it will be a total waste of the product and money. If you are consuming mass gainer without any physical workout, then there is a high chance that your input caloric level will increase which can lead you to gain extra weight.


Benefits of Whey Protein and Mass Gainer



Whey protein is a pure source of protein that helps a person to reduce extra body weight and improve their lean muscles by regular consumption. It is also a healthy source of energy that can increase your endurance and stamina. Mass gainer promotes your calorie intake that helps to develop body mass quickly. This mass gainer is also an effective supplement that helps to improve workout performance and muscle recovery.



Whey protein gets digested easily and helps the user to control their hunger properly, whereas mass gainer is enriched in fiber that helps to improve your digestive system and keep you away from being bloated.


Health Benefits

A mass gainer is loaded with various types of vitamins and minerals along with Carbohydrates, high fiber, needed calories, etc that promotes nourished, healthy and fit body, muscle recovery and growth. 

Whey protein is an effective supplement and an excellent source of high protein that helps to support muscle growth, reduce diabetes, lower high blood pressure, reduce inflammation, lower the chances of inflammatory bowel disease, enhances anti-oxidant, reduces hunger and assists in losing weight


Nutritional Values of Mass gainer and Whey Protein

Let us check all the nutritional values of both of these health supplements per 100gm of servings.

An average Whey protein supplements contain 70g of protein, 389 Kcal of energy, 7.3g of Fat, 18.3g of Carbohydrates, 0.6g of fiber, 530mg of Calcium, 0.76g of salt 400mg of Phosphorus in its per 100g servings.

An average mass gainer supplements contain 376.65Kcal of energy, 15.9g of protein, 75.3g of Carbohydrates, 1.32g of fat, 164mg of sodium and zero fiber in each 100g serving.


Side Effects and Disadvantages of Whey Protein and Mass Gainer

The whey protein and mass gainer products always help you to reach your fitness goal and keep you healthy and fit for long years. But there are some disadvantages and side-effects also that come with these products.


Side Effects of Whey Protein

Consumption of excessive amount of whey protein can cause some unwanted health issues like bloating, stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, cramping and more. So it is better to consult with a dietitian before consuming these types of whey protein supplements. If you have any kidney or liver-related problem, then you must consult with a physician or dietician before consuming this whey protein product.


Side Effects fo Mass Gainer


If you can intake the perfect amount of mass gainer according to your health requirement, then there can be no issues with your health. But if you guzzle excessive-quality of mass gain supplement, it can make you overweight by accumulating extra fat elements. It contains a small amount of caffeine and creatine that may result in dehydration of your body. Because of the presence of caffeine, it may also cause you insomnia if you intake an added quantity than required.


Why use Whey Protein or Mass Gainer?

A whey protein energizes your body by supplying pure protein that helps muscle build-up and reduces extra body fat. It is enriched with Amino Acid that stimulates the development of muscle tissues in an amplifying way.

Some people cannot gain weight and looks skinny just because of their metabolism. Mass gainers can easily boost up their calorie consumption and make them healthier by gaining some weight.


Final Words

If you are looking for the perfect answer about what is better: Whey protein or mass gainer? Then the answer is, it will depend upon you how you are trying to achieve your fitness goal within a short time. Consumption of these products without any workout will not show any effective result that will value your investment. If you want to gain weight by regular hard workout and exercise to achieve the muscular body of your dreams, then you must go for a mass gainer. Accordingly, if you want to cut down all the extra fat from your body and want to work hard only on your muscles, then you should pick up whey protein supplements.